Autofill details during Tatkal Ticket booking

Are you looking for extension to autofill during Tatkal Ticket? You have come to the right place. We provide browser addon that will assist you in getting confirm Tatkal Ticket. Tatkal Plus addon is available for Google Chrome and Mozila Firefox. You can beat the competition by installing Tatkal Plus for your favourite browser.

Making Tatkal Ticket Booking a Reality

Download superfast Tatkal Plus extension for your favourite browser and get superfast autofill

Book Tatkal Ticket in simple steps

Download & Install

Download & Install latest Tatkal Plus addon for your favourite browser. Tatkal Plus is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Download Addon

Fill Ticket Details

Enter and save your details like login details, Joureny details, Passenger and Payment details(optional) beforehand. All details are saved in your browser. Latest Tatkal Plus allow you to save upto 6 login/Joureny/Payment details.

Book On Time

Sit Back and Relax, Go to Tatkal website 2 minutes before the booking start. Tatkal Plus will automatically fill all the details and take you to the next page. You only need to fill the Captcha.

Tatkal Plus features

  • Auto fill Login, Passengers details
  • Auto search availability of Seats
  • Auto proceed to next page
  • Auto fill Debit card details
  • Easy fill captcha by enlarging and scrolling to captcha
  • Show list of available trains for selected journey details
  • Auto login to Netbanking portal
  • Auto proceed to SBI Netbanking OTP page
  • Auto login to Wallet (Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik)
  • Facility to cancel current payment instantly and retry with other payment
  • Debit card Captcha auto fill
  • Save upto 6 Tatkal website Username and Password
  • Save upto 12 Passengers details
  • Save upto 6 Journey details
  • Save upto 6 payments details
  • Create upto 6 plans by choosng login, joureny, passenger and payments

What is Tatkal Plus?

Tatkal Plus is a smart extension that allow common people to automatically fill details during Tatkal Ticket automatically. If you are reading this then you probably know how hard it is to book Tatkal ticket. Nearly all the ticket on Tatkal website are booked within 1 to 2 minutes when booking opens. If you try to fill all the forms manually then it will take atleast 5 minutes to book you ticket provided that everything goes well. At times you will get frustrated by seeing an error page. We have built this great extension to help you in booking Tatkal Ticket. You install this extension, prefill all the details which are locally saved on your browser. Open Tatkal website 1 or 2 minutes before the booking starts and Tatkal Plus will automatically fill all the details and will proceed you to the next page. Tatkal Plus was previously available only for mozila firefox. We have now made it available for chrome also.

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