Tatkal Plus extension needs frequent update due to changes in IRCTC website. We generally update our extension as soon as any change occur. But, the extension update on Chrome Web Store takes few days (Some time it takes weeks). As updated extension is critical for booking Tatkal ticket, You can manually install latest Tatkal Plus to your chrome browser.

Steps by Step guide to install Tatkal Plus on Chrome

  1. Download the latest Tatkal Plus extension

    Download the latest extension file and extract(unzip) it anywhere on your pc
    Click here to download
  2. Open Chrome extension page

    Go to Chrome Menu > More Tools > Extensions or Type chrome://extension in url and press enter.
    Open Chrome extension page
  3. Enable developer mode

    Toggle on developer mode by clicking on the switch on the top right.
    Enable developer mode in chrome
  4. Load the unpacked extension

    Click on the Load unpacked extension button on the left top & browser to the Tatkal Plus Chrome folder you extracted. Open the parent folder & chrome will install Tatkal Plus
    Load unpacked extension
  5. Now you can access Tatkal Plus & book ticket

    If you face any issue with subscriptions, please contact the support team using Chat.
    Tatkal plus installed
  6. Update the extension after new release

    When new update is released, you will be notified. Download the latest file & extract it at the same place as the earlier one (replacing the previous one). Restart chrome & you will have the latest updates.